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About Me

About Me

I enjoy creating abstract photographic images of man made things, mainly because of the symmetry and geometry that you don't find in nature. It's always nice to find things which no one probably ever thought of as being art, like where someone has painted over graffiti on a wall with rough careless brush strokes.

New architecture fascinates me. There are lots of public buildings such as Museums, Concert Halls, University campuses and even Supermarkets with interesting interiors and exteriors. Again, it's the geometry and minimalism of the structures that catches my eye.  It's almost as if the Architects designed these buildings especially to please Photographers.

On the Commercial side I have over 50 book covers published through Arcangel Images, one of the leading photo libraries for the publishing, record label and advertising industries. I also contribute to Goto-Foto and am available for commissions.